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I guess you can find some information about your video card in the laptop specifications.I took this option since I could find it cheaper than the 5300. from what I read it will still run as 5300 memory (lower than rating) but should be really stable.

There is a discussion about Acer Apire 5100 laptop here: Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100 laptop.I prefer to not remove the keyboard to see if there is another 1MB there.Just run the laptop with the memory module installed into the slot A.I have not yet upgraded my RAM because I have not purchased more yet but this was great help because when I do purchase RAM I will be ready to know how to install it.Yeah, but in this case you are wrong (no offence or pun intended):-).Many thanks, this will help to upgrade 20 laptops in my company.It means you have another 512MB RAM module installed in the slot under the keyboard.

If the laptop memory bus speed is 667MHz, you will not benefit from installing a 800MHz memory module.

Many thanks for the clear instruction especially for pointing out that one needs to install two identical memory modules in order to make the laptop work in dual channel mode.When inserting the new memory module, check that the connector has completely sunk in the socket.

Why does unequal amounts of RAM in each slot decrease performance?. memory can be "interleaved" so that successive chunks of memory alternate slots.Your computer will work in dual channel mode (recommended) if you install two identical memory modules.

Thank you so much with the help of the above instruction i could installed one gb of ram in back side of my laptop once again thankxxx.Use the boxes below to find your model, and the RAM memory and SSD upgrades will appear. as I open up the back cover and could not find in ram slot.I was having the same problem with my machine only recognizing the 1GB card that replaced my original 512 MB card in the main slot.

Wait a few minutes and eventually you will have the option to press F1 to continue.The 512 DDR2 looks exactly like the one shown in the tutorial.Expansion slots using riser card:. (alternate for GPGPU) (Slot 6). One flash memory card slot with iDRAC7 Enterprise card.The Pegatron M2N78-LA (Violet) is compatible with AMD processors with the Socket AM2 socket. It has 0 GB DDR2 maximum RAM and conforms to the Micro-ATX form factor.If this was the case thy would have highlighted the color of the slots.alternate slots. there are colors of white and black on the ejectors to indicate interleaved pairs. You must put the ram in the slot 1 for the system.Is The Ram Slot Damaged? - posted in Internal Hardware: I have a computer for a little over two years now. Over time I began to have problems with it booting up, but.

Is it something Dell is aware of and can fix, is it a problem with the memory I bought (although not according to the writeup here) or is there anything else to go off of.a substrate permanently coupled to the memory device by an adhesive material, the adhesive material being disposed in at least one area having a bounded adhesive.However, Dell support sold me this 1 GB chip, thinking memory was the issue.

1999 DODGE RAM 3500 PICKUP 5.9L L6 DIESEL Turbocharged

Where a vreg is currently stored A temporary can be marked as living in both a register and memory. stored in this Loc. from a spill slot.Now insert the first 1GB module into the slot under the keyboard and test the laptop.

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